Sunday, September 20, 2015


Hello to you Mr Blog,
I have decided that I would, today, introduce a young lady that I’ve been working on…
Okay Grotbag, you can come out now!

C’mon Grotbag, we have cake!

Don’t tell her we don’t have cake. I'm warning you.
Out you get Grotbag, say hello!

There we go! :o)
Well, this is Grotbag. She has starred in two shockingly bad comics and is coming soon to a blog near you! Very near in fact. So near you’re looking at it right now… dun dun DUNNN…
Anyway that’s all I have to say for now so
Yours très artistically,
Grotbag (the original) x

All is well

Friday, September 18, 2015

Hi blog,

It’s been a while, so long that I would bet good money that most of the people who used to look at my blog have given up, forgotten or moved on. But thank you to anyone that stayed, I truly am grateful.
Moving on…
I was looking through some pictures earlier and saw some odd/interesting things – rather like my blog, I thought, odd and interesting. So I pondered for a moment and decided that if don’t write soon, I’ll never write again. (or maybe something slightly less dramatic.)
Anyway, as I was saying, I was looking through some photos and this caught my eye,

It appears to be my dog eating an age-old broom near my extraordinarily pale legs. I could have sworn I was more tanned than that.
I kept looking.
Looking for inspiration, things to write about. Then I came across these…


Some might say I have poor upper body strength.

Then I found this.
I liked it.

I’ll write what comes into my head and post photos that make me happy (and maybe things that don’t, but not too dismal don’t worry - Just things like burnt cake, which isn’t necessarily happy). ‘Kay?

Kind regards,
Grotbag x

All is well.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Bonny, Bumper, Bubbles, Big Heart, Brilliant and ABOMINATION.

Babies, jelly babies, may I say the most peculiar taste on this planet. (Well I don’t really know what their actual taste is, I just didn’t want to say that I don’t like them.)
One day, my father and one of my many brothers (I can’t remember which) went into the kitchen giggling away. “Hmm...” I thought to myself, then naturally wandered in. As it turns out, they were giggling helplessly about this...

Distressing, huh?

Hey! Here’s a little game!
Which one do you think is ABOMINATION? Here’s a hint, it’s not the cute little pink one in the middle (Bonny).

All is well.

* HYTC means: Honestly, You Can’t Tell?

Monday, March 17, 2014

This one’s for the birds.

Tweet, tweet tweet tweet tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet. Twoo tweet tweet!
Tweet tweet tweet tweet tweet, tweet tweet Twoo-o-o. Twoo tweet tweet Twoo twoo tweet, tweet twit twoo coo Twee-e-et! tweet coo twit twoo twoo twit twoo.
Tweet tweet tweet. Tweet tweet tweet. Twoo tweet. Twoo twoo tweet tweet twit twoo coo.

What I actually said was:

Oh, I love dem birdies, birdies, birdies. Dey are great!
Birdies go in de sky, and they fly-y-y. Deir little beaks are so cool, dey bite de worms wo-o-orms! Oh, yeah so cool are dem birdies!

Tweet coo tweet*

* All is well